10 Tips for coffee makers

tips for coffee maker

10 Tips for coffee maker

make it simple

The first tip for every coffee maker? Keep it simple. You don’t want, as with other machines, too many complicated switches and buttons and tasks going on! Think about it. All you want is a cup of coffee. You only need a simple machine that has been tested to do the job of making you a nice cup of coffee! In addition simple is better because the simple coffee machines tend to work best because they are not over complicated with switches and buttons that can overpower the machine.

function coffee maker

Next, you want a coffee maker that functions well. For example, a coffee machine that functions so that your coffee is all made and nothing is left behind. You don’t want your coffee maker to half do the job. Thirdly, Use the brand of coffee you love. Whether it’s Folgers in your cup or the Starbucks brand, the coffee you love is important to have in your coffee maker. The coffee type you love will be an indication and tell you what kind of coffee maker you need.

coffee cup sizeOur next tip is coffee cup size. Coffee makers make different amounts of coffee. Some make a single cup, while others make 10 cups. Make sure you know how much your coffee maker serves. No one likes to waste coffee! A good reservoir also is a good tip. This means make sure the area of your coffee maker that holds water is adequate. It should hold enough water to give you the serving size you want. Bad coffee makers normally will have big reservoirs that take over the machine. Avoid these! Their internal parts tend to be cheap making the coffee maker life span shorter.

coffee maker price

Value of the coffee maker is the next tip. Here is where the saying “You get what you pay for”, comes in. While we like bargains, remember we also need balance between the price and features. Evaluate the coffee makers’ features with the build and price. This means stick with reputable shops that have good products.

coffee maker brandThe seventh tip is coffee maker brand. A brand name coffee maker can beat any unknown run of the mill maker anytime! When it comes to the features, build and design of a coffee maker the brand name coffee makers are the best! Eighth tip is it should be easy to clean. Your coffee maker should have washable reservoir and pot. If this is your coffee maker then you are ready to go! You don’t want your coffee maker to be so hard to clean that coffee gets stuck in the machine over time. This is unsafe to drink and can affect the overall flavor of the coffee in a negative way.

Ninth tip is that your coffee maker should take up adequate space. You would not be happy with a machine that takes up your whole counter. Last and most important tip is safety. Make sure the machine does not have any exposed electrical parts. There will be spills so you can be in danger of electrical shock while cleaning spills. Pay attention to the handles on the coffee maker, making sure they are cool enough to touch. This is also important for the safety of children. If you know what you are looking for in a coffee maker, it will make your search for the right coffee maker easier! Follow these tips and have a happy coffee filled day!